Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

  1. This Website is owned by Aisha Jewels Company WLL (CR 71129). The Company is a private, limited liability company duly licensed in jewelry design, approved by the Directorate of Precious Metals and Gemstone Testing of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain and headquartered at the Aisha Abdulmalek Design Studio located on the 10th Floor of the Business Bay Tower, Suite 104, Seef Area, Manama Seafront, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Purchasing through this website is a contractual relationship with Aisha Jewels Company LLC in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the site.
  3. These terms of use should be reviewed periodically, as they may be amended frequently to reflect technology and general market changes and developments. Your continued use of the site constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Use (as in effect at such time).
  4. All products of the Company go through many stages of handmade craftsmanship using natural stones and materials, rendering it difficult to identically match any two pieces. Therefore, all the images and characteristics of the products on this site represent a sample of the product line and not any individual piece itself.
  5. Each of our pieces is designed and produced according to the specifications provided by the Client during their web checkout and shipped within 30 to 40 business days. In the event of any unexpected further delays, the Client will be promptly notified.
  6. Purchases are hand-delivered by the Company’s representatives or dispatched by courier service to all countries served by the shipping company.
  7. The Company provides complimentary delivery service to its GCC Clients. For all shipments, whether within the GCC region or outside, the Company is only responsible for preparing the shipment as per the instructions provided by the Client during checkout on the site and handover it to the courier. The Client shall be responsible for the settlement of any applicable local duties and/or taxes required to be paid to complete the delivery. Any errors in the details provided by the Client shall be the Client’s responsibility, and any delays and/or costs arising related thereto shall be borne by the Client, with no liability to or responsibility from the Company.
  8. Currency equivalent option on the site gives local currency estimates which are for reference only. All transactions on the site are settled and denominated in Bahraini Dinars and the final amount deducted from the payment card/method used by the Client will depend on the actual exchange rate plus any fees assessed by the client’s card issuer.
  9. Purchases can be returned within two weeks from the date of receipt if a piece does not meet the general specifications shown in the site according to the terms of use. The Client will be responsible for the shipping costs (except in cases of errors by the Company in processing the purchase or defect or damage in shipment (subject to immediate notice to the Company and courier).
  10. AAny pieces used/worn cannot be returned because the Company cannot resell them again due to health/hygiene concerns. The Company guarantees to its Clients that all the products sold are new products that have not been worn or pre-owned. Products may have been subject to inspection and/or displayed by the Company in its Design Studio or at a special exhibition (see Quality Assurance).
  11. This site was developed and is managed in cooperation with FJ, who are responsible for the technical management of the site.